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Tai Chi

Laura is certified in the Inner Chi method of Tai chi. This is a Yang style derivative, Chen Mein Ching Form.

 Chi or Qi is energy life force that flows through the body.  We are born with original chi influenced by our parents.  Chi resides in the dan tien and diminishes as we age.  Qi gong, meditation and Tai Chi can replenish the original chi.

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that creates mind and body connections. It is a slow moving sequence of steps that combines breath, upper body and lower body movements and postures. In the movement you will learn to direct the chi flow.

 Studies show that with daily Tai Chi practice it is possible to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, decrease stress and increase balance while improving the use of the oxygenated breath. A sense of well-being and relaxation is the reward associated with continual instruction and practice of this moving meditation.

Passive Qi Gong is done at the beginning of each class. Building chi reservoirs, warming up joints and focusing on breath. 


Laura Coulter



For personalized instruction, six or more students at your location.